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Says...*head desk*
United States
Current Residence: ...where am I again?
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock
Favourite style of art: Still life
Operating System: Question Mark?
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano, preferabley Orange
Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy, Bugs Bunny (You gotta love the classics)
Just to start, it's been forever since I actually added stuff. I should probably do that soon. Entering my senior year of High school! Yay!

That's about it though. Nothing ever changes.

To the quiz-thing!

Who was the last male you talked to? Aside from my dad or my brother, Senna's brother to ask where the bathroom was.

Who is someone that can always make you laugh? Actually if I really don't feel like laughing, I'll just smile. And there really isn't one person that can Really make me smile. I sometimes do it just to be polite and let them know I'm listening.

What were you doing at 10am this morning? Walking to Kennen's house.

What were you doing an hour ago? 7:30? Eating.

Do you plan on moving within the next year? I'm not sure when I'll have to "Move" Into college, but I guess not.

Are you wearing anything on your feet? Nope.

What are you looking forward to in the next 3 months? That'd be August, September, October, so the rest of my summer, school starting (sorta) and my birthday.

Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes.

Where did your last hug take place? I hugged my dad in the livingroom.

Have you been to a baby shower? Nope.

What cell phone company do you use? Verizon.

What color is your hair brush? Blue, but I use a comb and it's either a gray one or a purple one.

Do you watch the Super Bowl? Only for the commercials.

What about World Cup? The what now?

Do you sleep with a teddy bear? I sleep with a stuffed bunny (Compy) and my Stitch plushy at one house, and at the other I have a unicorn and a Reeses Pieces bear.

What is the last movie you watched? Aladin.

What movie do you think everyone should watch? ANY DISNEY MOVIE.

What is your middle name? Ann

What is the prettiest name for a girl? There are way too many but I love Lillian.

Nicest name for a boy? James, Stephen, Oliver...

Do you have your future children's names picked out? Nope.

What color is your mailbox? Black

Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Where am I coming home from?

What brand is your computer printer? Lexmark.

How many cars can fit in your driveway? 2 at my mom's, maybe 6 at my dad's.

Who was your Kindergarden teacher? Mrs. Gosek.

Are you taller than your mom? Shorter. TT^TT

Do you have any bruises right now? Yup, one on my leg, and maybe one on my arm.

Are you cold right now? Not really.

Do any of your close friends have kids? Nope.

Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now? My cousin might still be pregnant...

How many years older and younger than you are you willing to date? Not out of college and not younger/as old as my brother.

What brand are your favorite jeans you own? Old Navy.

What is the closest red object to you? My "Love Bug" Vase that I use to water my spider plant.

What is your favorite video game? MarioKart.

Do you play games on your cell phone? Don't have any.

Do you look more like your mom or dad? I get that I look like my mom all the time, but a few people have said I look more like my dad. I don't even know.

Have you ever broken an pinata? Can't remember.

Do you have an iPod or Mp3 player? iPod

If someone doesn't like you its probably because: I don't talk much. I'm pretty quiet. They probably don't like me because they don't know me.

Who was the last person in your bedroom?

What are your plans for this weekend? Don't have any as of now.

Have you ever crawled through a window? I think so.

Do you lose your keys often? Not really.

How many keys are on your keychain? 2.

When was your last encounter with the police? I smiled at one yesterday while on a walk.

Do you sing in the shower? Doesn't everyone?

Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car? Yeah. I yell at anyone who doesn't.

When is your birthday? October 7th 1994

What are you hoping for? Right now? Inspiration to look at more colleges and actually think about the future instead of Tumblr-ing all day. Oh, and the inspiration to go job searching.

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WHEE~! Happy almost day you're not invited to my tea partttty!
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i was looking through my favs and remembered 'hey......liz has a doll' lol. just thought id say. =3
xXBlue-Green-IceXx Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
lol It's amazing I know. I need to put up new pics of little Elle...
Akichan1001 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010  Student Photographer
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I would! But we havn't planned one since like..last summer!
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